Site Visitors

If for any reason you need to bring a person not known to you to the storage site (perhaps a potential buyer if selling your vehicle for example), Milgate Storage will require the following information to be sent by email/text/WhatsApp BEFORE their visit.

  • Photo ID, ideally in the form of a photo driving license clearly showing their name and address.  If this is not possible then a copy of the photo page on their passport or paper driving licence and a current utility bill showing their name and address.

  • The registration number of the vehicle they will be arriving in.


  • ID for any business or personal friend/family member visiting the site will not be required.


If a potential purchaser/visitor is not willing to supply the relevant information, you are NOT PERMITTED to bring them to the storage site.  


If you still wish for them to view your vehicle or meet them, this must be done away from the site.